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 Welcome to Chopok-Jasna, the best known ski resort in Slovakia chopok jasna slovakia Slovensky
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    Ski Jasna

    Hotel Junior

    Hotel Junior - Chopok Jasná

    The Hotel Junior Jasna welcomes its guests directly in the centre of Demänovská valley called Jasná, in the sea level altitude of 1150 metres. Demänovská valley is one of the most beautiful and the most frequented valleys in the Low Tatras National Park. Word for word, both the tourist pavements and ski tracks begin in front of this hotel`s doors. Come and persuade yourselves.

    You can be accomodated in one of 100 rooms: double - room, double - room with an extra bed and in a suite with four beds. All rooms have a bathroom with bath or shower - comer, separated WC, all are fitted with satelite TV set, radio, and of course, with mini - bar. If you are hungry, you can just sit in one of two restaurants (á la carte or buffet - type breakfast and dinner) or in pizzeria. Parents who want to have a rest with a cup of good coffee and look after their small children at the same time, we can serve at the coffee tables next to children corner. Sitting in a day club is very pleasant, and you can also enjoy the night club. Come and choose what you prefer.

    The hotel is known for its sport atmosphere. This is created sure by the swimming - pool, sauna, very good equipped gymnasium - fitness, solarium and an outdoor playground, or the skating - rink in winter. Classic, water or whirlpool massages are also requested. You can refresh in the Neptun Clubsituated near the swimming - pool. The billiards, dart and table - tennis players can come to their favourite entertainment. Come and choose what you prefer.

    You are welcome at our hotel during all the year, also accompainted by your pets. You may leave your car at the 24 hour - watch parking lot. Come and persuade yourselves.

    And how you can arrive here? By a car in direction Liptovsky Mikulas, from the highway digression to Demanovska Dolina - Jasna, from the digression about 18 km. By a plane to the Poprad - Tatry airport. By a train to the railway station Liptovsky Mikulas, from the station by bus, direction to Demanovska Dolina - Jasna

    Period ................ Price
    02.09.- 15.12.2000 .. 600,- Sk
    02.01.- 27.01.2000 .. 1560,- Sk
    24.02.- 03.03.2000 .. 1560,- Sk
    02.09.- 15.12.2000 .. 490,- Sk
    27.01.-24.02.2000 ...1700,- Sk
    03.03.- 17.03.2000 ..990,- Sk

    Hotel Junior
    Demänovská dolina, 032 51 Slovakia