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 Welcome to Chopok-Jasna, Demanovska dolina, the best known ski resort in Slovakia chopok jasna slovakia Slovensky
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    Chopok Jasna - Ski Slovakia

    Well-equiped and less luxurious hotels and dining-rooms hotels make out of Demanovska dolina an international known ski center fitting modern requirements. One of the biggest and most popular centers of winter sports is situated 15 km away from Liptovsky Mikulas and 60 km from an airport in Poprad. It lays in the upper part of Demanovska dolina. Its a part of National park Low Tatras, on the northern slopes of Chopok and Deresov in the hights 950 to 2024 m. Here are excellent terrains for skiing and many different difficult ski-running tracks, a cabin funicular, seat elevators, and ski tows. Skialpinists have many posibillities here too. In this center a world championship in junior skiing, a World winter universiade, and many world and Europe FTS cup competitions took place. This center was a candidate for the XX. WOG (Winter Olympic Games) 2006 in skiing disciplines. The skiing season is from 15.XII. To 30. IV.

    Technical specifications:
    the capacity of the cabine funicular : 1200 persons in a hour
    the capacity of 5 seat funiculars(elevators) : 8400 peersons in a hour
    the capacity of 11 ski tows : 6700 persons a hour
    14 ski-tracks with a total lenght of 42200 m
    besides the 14 skitracks one 5 km for beginners a 10 km recreational and a 15 km long ski-running-track
    the average lenght of the ski season is 120 days

    Demanovska dolina - Jasna is a mountain center for all-year turistics. There are two public caves in Demanovska dolina: Demanovska ladova jaskyna (ice cave) and Demanovska jaskyna slobody. Nearby is Vrbicke pleso (a lake; a national reservation sized 25 ha) and many marked turistic paths are here. The Mountain live savers are active here, many complex services for skiers, a ski-school, ski service, a pool, fitness center. You can reach it by bus or by car.

    Lift, cableway Lenght Elevation Peak (a.s.l.) Capacity Type
    Biela put 675 95 1234 800 G - ski lift
    Brhliska 285 28 1415 400 P - ski lift
    Brhliska - Derese 1100 220 1640 900 M - ski lift
    Jasna - Lukova 1 1135 430 1670 475 H - saddle cableway
    Lucky 296 40 895 500 F - ski lift
    Lukova - Chopok 1090 335 2005 220 I - out of order
    Otupné 400 70 1222 500 O - ski lift
    Otupné - Brhliska 1602 282 1424 1200 L - cabin cableway
    Otupné - detsky vlek 100 20 1100 250 N - ski lift
    Otupné - Lukova 1721 514 1670 900 K - saddle cableway
    Rovna Hola - Konsky grun 1060 351 1872 900 B - saddle cableway
    Vyhliadka - Konsky grun 908 280 1650 800 C - ski lift
    Zahradky 1263 317 1342 800 E - ski lift
    Zahradky - Rovna Hola 1660 450 1477 900 A - saddle cableway


    A known viewing point. The northern and southern slopes of Chopok, the second highest peak in the main ridge of Low Tatras (2024 m a.s.), is the best ski terrains in Slovakia. On the north Jasna, on the south Kosodrevina and Srdiecko. You can get to Chopok by a seat funicular from Demanovska dolina -Jasna or from Bystra dolina -Srdiecko (a turistic and ski center). The average lenght of the ski season is 120 days. The center is well equiped by mountain trafic works, several tows and arranged ski-tracks are here. The ski-tracks are mostly difficult. The conditionc are also good for ski turism. Dumbiersky ski-track is on the ridge from Chopok to Dumbier and to Stefanikova chata (a hut) into the saddle of Polana. Chopok is suitable for short walks and for difficult ridge turistics too. You can borrow a ski outfit and all belongings for skiing, a skiservis and a skischool is here. Many restaurants and bufets are here too.

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